5 Extraordinary ways to use your Nintendo DS again

Go beyond the game and enrich your world with these five quirky, educational and productive non-games for DS

In its many versions, from the silvery and trembling brick of the original Nintendo DS to the sleek and slim DSi, the Nintendo dual-screen laptop is the second best videogame platform in sales ever , just behind Sony’s PlayStation 2. With 154 million units sold, there is a fairly high probability that you will find a DS floating around, either in your sock drawer or available for the price of a single game at your local video game store.

Although the DS contained almost 2,000 games, you can put it back into operation, in a more creative way, with a peculiar software that you would never have thought existed. And although the DS is more than 10 years old today, you do not have to feel embarrassed to take one out of your pocket, as it is officially considered a retro chic technology.

Produce your own synthesized album using “Korg DS-10 Synthesizer” by Xseed and Korg

Known throughout the music industry for his synthesizers, Korg consolidated a rather peculiar place for the DS in the music scene by launching a digital version of his classic MS-10 pocket synthesizer in Nintendo’s 2007 notebook. Korg DS-10 , this software features a four-channel drum sequencer, two unique keyboard synthesizer channels, a 16-step song sequencer and many audio effects to add to your creations. Unlike retro hardware, the DS-10 also features touch controls, which allow you to do everything from adjusting the knobs to playing the keyboard and allowing you to save your digital creations.

Also unlike the MS-10, which is a vintage kit piece that now sells for around US $ 450, you can connect the DS-10 synthesizer online for less than US $ 15. Now all you need is an auxiliary cable, some light bars and a sound reinforcement system, and you’re ready for the disco.

Read some classic eBooks using “100” Classic Books “by Nintendo

Launched in 2010, the ” 100 Classic Books ” cartridge ( 100 Classic Books ) from Nintendo was promoted as an innovation that seeks to “transform Nintendo’s family of products into a library of literature classics.” Although it predates the e-reader boom, the DS’s touchscreen allows all the features you would expect, such as adjusting the text size and placing specific markers. Since Nintendo Wi-Fi connection for the Wii and DS was removed in 2014, you will not be able to download new books (one of the key points of the original software) but 100 digital classics from authors such as Shakespeare, Verne, Austen and Twain will not It’s something to read in a single day. Still available on Amazon for US $ 20 or less, ” 100 Classic Books ” ( 100 Classic Books) makes your DS the only eBook in which you can also play Pokemon.

Learn to cook with Nintendo’s “Personal Trainer: Cooking”

In the DS, Nintendo reached the gold with the educational software Ludic, ” Brain Age: Train your brain in minutes a day ” ( Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day) . In the same way, his series ” Personal Trainer ” ( Personal Trainer) for the DS aims to attract non-players by using videogame technology in an enriching way in life. Currently available on Amazon for around US $ 7.50, ” Personal Trainer: Cocina ” ( Personal Trainer: Cooking) has an interactive chef who guides you through more than 245 recipes from more than 30 countries around the world. This educational software also includes a lot of video tutorials, which deal with ingredients, expert advice and calorie counter. It even has a modifiable shopping list, which allows you to save paper and gives you a reason to play even in the grocery store. The DS’s stylus controls and compatibility with the voice commands in this software help keep your console clean while you cook.

Teach your children Spanish with “My Spanish Coach” by Ubisoft

Educational entertainment is a substantial subgenre in SD, but sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the two. ” My Spanish coach ” ( My Spanish Coach) from Ubisoft, easily accessible for less than US $ 10 with a small search on eBay, does it in a simple way, taking care of the children. Pass your DS to the little one for 20 minutes a day and the animated characters will teach you 10,000 words and 400 commonly used phrases, grammar and construction through mini-games. The integrated microphone of the DS reviews the pronunciation while following the progress of the child and keeps the experience of ” My Spanish Coach” pleasant and fun.

Go for a walk with Nintendo’s “Personal Trainer: Walking”

You have to give Nintendo credit for using some huge technology trends in a low profile. For about a tenth of the cost of an elegant Fitbit, you can take the ” Personal Trainer: Walking” from 2009 on Amazon, along with two Activity Meter accessories (one in black and one in white). Like modern fitness trackers, these clip-on meters record every step you take and send the information to your DS, tracking what Nintendo calls your “pace of life” through interactive graphics on the touch screen.Walking encourages you to set goals for yourself and if you give the second clip to a friend or relative or if you even hook it on your dog’s collar, you can encourage a little friendly competition to improve health. Much more friendly than any passionate Mario Kart game we’ve seen, that’s for sure.


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