How to check if my PC has an SD slot

Locate the SD slot on your computer by searching it on it or by looking in the list of devices in the Windows settings.

Most laptops and desktops come with built-in SD slots to use SD memory cards . The SD memory card is a storage device used by many electronic devices, including cameras, media players and music players. This mini card is used to store music, movies, photos and files that can be transferred between electronic devices and computers.

Step 1:

Look at the front and sides of your laptop’s keyboard for a slot labeled “SD”.

Look at the front of the tower of your desktop computer looking for a slot labeled “SD”.

Step 2:

If you use Windows 10 , click and hold the “Start” button. Then, click on “Device Manager” in the menu that will appear. In the device manager, look for one labeled as “SD host adapter” . If you see it, your computer has an integrated SD card reader. If you can locate the slot but not the list of devices, or see the list but not the slot, contact the manufacturer of your computer for more information.

If you have Windows 7 , click on “Start”. Then, right click on “Computer” and “Manage”. Select “File Manager” in the left pane of the Computer Manager window. Search for a device labeled “SD host adapter”. If you see this device, your computer has an integrated SD card reader. If you still can not locate the slot, you will have to consult the manufacturer’s manual or website.


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