How to convert PHP to PDF

Do you need to save your PHP as a PDF? Learn how to save your PHP code as a PDF document when using any of these three options.

PHP code files are commonly used in web development. You can convert PHP to PDF using options already incorporated in your operating system or with third-party or external tools.

Convert from PHP to PDF in Windows 10

Convert a PHP file to a PDF using the print to built-in Microsoft PDF feature in Windows 10. Open your PHP file in a code editor or browser, then click “File” and “Print.” Select “Microsoft print to PDF” as your printer, then click “Print.” Write a name for your PDF file and save it in the desired location.

Covert from PHP to PDF in Windows 7/8

Unlike Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not have a built-in print to PDF function. However, there are many other options to convert a PHP to PDF.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a “Save as PDF” option built into the browser. Open your PHP file in Google Chrome, then right click on any part of the page to open the quick menu. Click on “Print” and then click on the “Change …” button next to the “Destination” option. Select “Save as PDF” and then click “Save.” Enter a name for your PDF file, click “Save” again to convert your PHP file to PDF.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox also has a “Save as PDF” option that is built into your browser. Open the PHP file in Firefox, then click on “File” and “print.” Click on the “PDF” drop down in the print options menu, then “Save as PDF”. Enter a name for your PDF file and click “Save” to save the PHP file as a PDF.

External or third-party tools

Free PDF converters allow you to upload any file to your site and convert it to PDF. Adobe Acrobat can also save any file to PDF. Online2PDF and Microsoft Word can also save your PHP code as a PDF file. Online2PDF works with any web browser: just upload the PHP code file to the website to convert it into a PDF that you can then save to your computer.

Microsoft Word has a built-in save as PDF function in all versions of Office after Office 2007. You can save files as a PDF in Office 2007 by installing the save as PDF extension (see references).

Convert from PHP to PDF in Mac OS

Similar to Windows 10, the Mac operating system makes it easy to create PDFs from any program.Open your PHP file from most applications and click “File”, then “Print” and choose “PDF” as your printer, then “Save.” If there is not a print option in the application you are using, simply open the PHP file in Safari and use the print to PDF option there.


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