How to dial the last number that called you

There are several ways to quickly return calls to the last number that called you, either from a cell phone or line.

Modern cell phones and digital landlines make dialing the last number that called you easy. Cell phones and some line telephones register call history automatically and telephone service providers offer the callback function.

Brand * 69

Mark “* 69”. This is the magic number to use the callback function with most phone providers. This service will dial the last number that called you and, depending on the provider, will allow you to return the call automatically. If it does not work, contact your provider to find out your return code.

Use the call history

Enter the menu of your cell phone and select the option “Call history”. The exact instructions and menu options will depend on the model and phone provider, but all have a screen where they show the history. Find the last call received in the “Call History” and press “Dial” to call it.

Use third-party services

Returns the call to a private number using commercial services such as the one offered by Trapcall. As the above options will not work with private numbers, which are often used to make phone jokes, you will have to resort to third parties such as Trapcall that will reveal the phone number.

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