What is RT on Twitter?

When searching for Twitter transmissions, you will usually find the acronym RT. This acronym means re-tweet and was originally used by the first Twitter users to show that they were relaying someone else’s tweets on their own transmission. This showed that his tweet was not the original and served as a great way to show other users who followed him and what they were doing. Later, Twitter adopted the RT method as a standard to show that a tweet was a re-tweet.


Since re-tweets are used to transmit a user’s message with your own group of followers, they are used for a variety of things. Many times, tweets become viral and spread quickly as users retransmit them on the line. This usually happens with large entertainment, political and social events in the world.


Re-tweet was not always part of the Twitter framework. There were many popular ways to relay someone else’s messages, but eventually the RT standard became the most common since it could be used to differentiate the response that uses the @ symbol before a user’s name to have extended conversations through the tweets. Once Twitter incorporated RT as the standard way to relay messages, all other forms died quickly. Most desktop and mobile Twitter applications now use RT when relaying a message. Some, like TweetDeck, allow the user to edit the message, if they wish.

Propagate elsewhere

Increasingly, users are using social applications based on the web or desktop that connect their data. These applications connect all the profiles and transmit to each other for an easy social search. Most of these applications will allow users to publish to one or more networks with a single message. Because RT is so common on Twitter, it has spread rapidly through Facebook and other social networking websites as users simply press the re-tweet button and apply it to all their social media transmissions.


Because re-tweets are intended to propagate information from one social group to another, re-tweet is used to disseminate all kinds of information. Many times, re-tweets will be used to show solidarity for political movements abroad or to quickly spread information about a rumor. A good example would be the Egyptian revolution of 2011 where re-tweets were used to quickly spread information that the government wanted to repress. Some of the re-tweets were the only news that passed through the country.

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